Terms and Conditions

Those participants who have not made any submissions to the Campaign or those participants who have not fully complied with these Terms and Conditions and agreed with them are not entitled to make submissions to the Campaign or receive incentives as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

If the Participant is participating as a representative of a team, the relevant Participant shall be solely responsible for the participation of the team.Also, each of the participants understand and agree that the team’s representative has the responsibility to adequately distribute the incentive to all of the team’s members and that the members of the team must agree to the method of payment. Samsung’s responsibility for the payment of the incentives is satisfied upon its payment of the incentive to the representative of the team.

If the Participant is participating as a part of a business entity, corporation, or other legal organization, (collectively, "Business Entities”), the Participant warranties that a suitable corporate officer, director, manager or other person who has the authority to approve the Business Entity Participant’s participation in this Campaign has approved the participation of the Business Entity through the Participant’s participation, and it understands that by virtue of the relevant Participant’s participating on behalf of the relevant Business Entity, these Terms and Conditions bind the Participant and relevant Business Entity.

This Campaign is not valid in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Myanmar. Residents in such countries or individuals or organizations who are restricted by relevant Korean laws and regulations, or residents in countries, states or regions prohibited or restricted by the Korean government may not participate in this Campaign.

To participate in the campaign, you need to first register as a TIZEN Store Seller and then verify that the information you entered is accurate. Samsung has the right to disqualify any submissions that are incomplete or inaccurate. Also, the Application ID for the application to be submitted must be submitted with the TIZEN Store Seller ID.

If there are multiple variations of app versions(Lite, Trial, Free and Demo for bada 2.0, HD, 3D, HVGA or WQVGA) for a basic edition of the app, only 1 app will be eligible for the incentive. In the case of an app that is a version(Extreme, Pro, 2, Mania, Master, Fun or SE) with extended contents from the basic edition of the app, however, the app and the full app are considered as two separate apps, thus both apps are eligible for incentive payment.